Play and compete for prizes with slot machines

These are the machines that symbolize casinos. You can’t imagine these big gaming houses without the majestic slot machines or the noise of falling coins that they make. These are machines that attract both experienced and novice players, especially those looking for games with easier rules.

Online casinos are also full of machines slot machine and software companies, with an eye on the market already offer most games for access through computers, tablets and mobile phones of the different platforms. Find out more about this game that is one of the most accessed in the casinos.

General Slot Rules

This is one of the gamblers’ favorite games, both because of the easy rules and the profitability that a good move can yield. The main objective of the machines is to obtain a combination of 3 symbols on the rollers. Each machine works differently, the gain lines vary. In the older ones, the symbols should occupy the central rollers, the current machines accept different ways of aligning the symbols.

  • Choose your Machine : Machines with fewer paylines are more profitable, but wins are less recurring. Machines with multiple paylines are regularly awarded, usually with less robust rewards.
  • Choose Bet Lines : Each machine will indicate how many bet lines it has. The oldest ones have only one, while the new ones have 243. You can bet per line in many cases. A bet on all lines will give you more chances to win prizes. Some jackpots will only be triggered when all bet lines are selected.
  • Place your bet : after choosing the machine it is time to decide how many coins or credits you will use on the bet lines.
  • Special Symbols and Extra Games : Some machines have special symbols like Wild and Scatter. The wild symbol replaces any other symbol except the scatter. The scatter symbol activates a winning combination and can trigger extra spins and other features. Some machines in addition to the usual spins have extra games that are triggered mainly when the player reaches a certain score or special symbols.

Machine Types

  • Traditional : the first machines were simple, with symbols of fruits, stars or horseshoes with only 3 rolls and a payline.
  • The Most Common : the vast majority of current machines have 5 reels and several pay lines. They are machines with many features and special symbols that make the game more dynamic.
  • Progressive Jackpot: this is the preferred slot for bettors. In these slots a small part of the stake will be accumulated in the jackpot. The lucky person who takes this prize can simply become a millionaire overnight.
  • 3D machines : 3D slots have exceptional graphics quality. Whoever plays in a 3D slot easily realizes that the animations and sounds are much clearer and cleaner than on traditional machines.
  • Augmented Reality Slots : the next step in the modernization of slot machines is the implementation of augmented reality. Many casino software companies are making huge investments to attract audiences with augmented reality games that are already slowly entering the market and gaining space.

Anyway, there is no shortage of slot machines available. For all tastes and pockets, the slots that have always been a hit with gamblers in physical casinos, today reach a much larger audience with the advent of devices that increasingly popularize this game.

With these tips you can find several paid or free machines, with or without a download that will fit perfectly in your profile. Enter this new world full of slot machine benefits.